Dance Culture Studios

At Dance Culture Studios, we are, determined to provide the infrastructure and training skills that make dance desirable and accessible to all people, of all ages…


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Get dancing with DanceCulture

Dance Culture is a family. They invited me in and made me feel comfortable and at ease. We always enjoy a good laugh whilst working hard on becoming the best! Hard work and perseverance is a way of life at Dance Culture as we always strive for our personal best and there is always room for improvement. The coaches always motivate and believe in you and will do whatever it takes to help you to reach your goals and ambitions.

Ashley Snow /

We have been part of Dance Culture for a year now and it has been awesome. Saying that Daniel is loving it would be an understatement…All he ever wants to do is dance!!
Thank you for the amazing atmosphere at the studio. It’s like an extended family…

Alex Appelman /

Book A Free Trial

Why a trial lesson? Well you wouldn’t buy a well fitted suit without getting just the right fit would you and you wouldn’t ask someone on another date without having gone on the first date either? In the same way, we want you to meet us…we would love the opportunity to introduce ourselves and ensure we get to know what it is you would like from us as dance coaches. We want to make sure that we create a dance culture that’s just the right fit for you.

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