If you imagine yourself gliding around a ballroom in an elegant gown with the crowds cheering you on, or if you envision being the social dance delight at your matric dance or your next work function or whether you simply want to get out to dance and meet a new group of people who enjoy dancing, signing up for our ballroom lessons should be on your list of priorities.

Different people the world over enjoy the world of social and competitive ballroom dancing. Ballroom dances are partner dances enjoyed socially and competitively worldwide.

Ballroom has only evolved from the 19th century. and become better with age. Although Ballroom dancing has been popular for decades now, its popularity further increased due to reality television shows like Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing with the Stars.

The 5 standardised Ballroom dances include:

  • Waltz: 1,2,3 and 1,2,3…this is a count that almost everyone has heard. The waltz is one of the smoothest ballroom dancers and has been considered the “mother of present day ballroom dances.” It is characterised by “rise and fall” action and “body sway.”
  • Foxtrot: An especially popular dance for beginners is comprised of simple walking steps and side steps. Named after the entertainer, Henry Fox of the USA, this is the dance that is often associated with Fred and Ginger. The trot is what gives the Foxtrot its character with the distinctive steps being the Weave and Featherstep.
  • The Tango: The tango is massively interesting with the earliest evidence thereof being at the turn of the twentieth century. A fiery and dramatic dance, the Ballroom Tango evolved from the Argentine Tango.
  • Viennese Waltz: This is an exciting, light, whirling dance and is faster than the regular Waltz. With its fast turns, the magical Viennese Waltz grew in popularity and so did the tempo of its music, one of the most popular being “The Blue Danube.”
  • Quickstep: As per its name, this is a quick, light and jovial dance. Fast, elegant and light, through a series of jumps, runs and skips, the Quickstep is high-energy with an almost child-like quality.

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