BMany people ask for a definition or explanation of contemporary dance. A lovely explanation includes the following description: “art whose working material is the movement of humans. It doesn´t have fixed or established movement patterns but it’s rather in a continuous search for new forms and dynamics. Therefore its dancers make use of varied modern and classical dance techniques to train. It produces performances or shows in conventional and non-conventional.” Traditional Ballet and Modern Dance have frequently been referenced as the foundation of what we know today as Contemporary Dance. The Ballet is attributed for the basic classical dance techniques and framework that is found in Contemporary Dance and Modern Dance is attributed for the deviation from traditional, classical dance and for its interpretation and expression of dance.

Although it takes an incredible amount of discipline and practice to master the technical aspects of contemporary dance, what makes it particularly popular is the freedom of movement and creativity that dancers enjoy. Contemporary dance as we know it has really been launched into the spotlight with the advent of the world’s most popular dance reality television program, So You Think You Can Dance, with now globally recognised choreographers like Mia Michaels, Stacey Tookey and Travis Wall.

A lovely alternative to traditional classical dance, contemporary dance is a delightful, expressive dance medium that is suited to all. Whether you have enjoyed a classical dance background or not, you will find the Contemporary dance classes that we offer to be ideal for getting fit and toned and of course, enjoying the freedom of movement.

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