Hip Hop

The History of Hip Hop is relatively short in comparison to other dance forms. Hip Hop is thought to have officially originated in New York during the late 60’s and early 70’s. Back then, dancers with undeniable natural instinct for movement, but without the formal training, took dancing to the streets – As per its name, Hip Hop was meant to be popular for people in general and not simply for those who dance in academies.

Breakdancing was the first dance associated with Hip Hop but it has developed from a number of cultures including jazz, rock, tap, American, African and Latino cultures. Hip Hop has now evolved to include a large number of subcultures including, Popping, Locking, Lyrical, Housing, Waaking and Voguing, Crump, Funk, Tutting, Streetdance, Boogaloo, Animation, Waving and a whole lot more. There are literally endless styles and moves and this thrilling style of dance has a bit of something for everyone. Hip Hop requires skill and experience to master, so why not step into Dance Culture Studios to learn more.

Our thrilling children’s Hip Hop classes are a wonderful way of getting your children active and introducing them to the world dance.

But Hip Hop is not limited to your children. If you’re the one who enjoys that private party in your car or lounge whilst listening to the latest radio beats, then our Adult Hip Hop classes may be precisely what you have been looking for. These classes bring high energy physical exercise and dance together, specifically for you – and no, you’re not too old! But, If you are not into Hip Hop but love ballroom click here

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