From the rhythms of Latin music to the heart of South Africa, there is something about sensual and joyous Salsa that, quite literally, moves us! Salsa entails a mixture of many different dance styles and musical techniques that all came together in Cuba. Salsa very rapidly expanded to the United states when visiting American musicians became intoxicated with this phenomenal music and dance style and carried it back to the States were they kick-started a popularity of Latin music which has continued to dominate ever since.

As the years rolled by, several styles of Salsa emerged. The most popular of which are: New York and LA style; Cali (Colombian) style; Casino Style’ Miami-Casino style; Rueda de Casino and Ballroom Salsa.

We invite you to be swept away by the Salsa beat with our Salsa Classes. Not only do we offer courses and private lessons to all ages and for beginners to more advanced dancers, we introduce you to an entire community of Salsa dancers who all have one thing in common…a love of SALSA! Johannesburg enjoys a large, diverse Salsa community from around Gauteng with various events every single week. Through our in-house coaches to phenomenal guest coaches with the best expertise in Salsa, Dance Culture Studios creates the perfect environment for you to cultivate your love of dance.

Come on…be part of the movement and make Salsa part of your own culture – whether you’re headed off to Cuba, South America, Buena Vista in Cape Town or simply for the love of music and dance. Dance Well. Have Fun. Right here at Dance Culture Studios.

Jaco TheronSalsa