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Wedding Dance Classes

It’s the dress, the shoes, the bridesmaids, the venue, the flowers, the food and the list goes on…but there’s one less thing you need to worry about and that’s your official Wedding dance.

Wedding dances can be the highlight of the evening – for both you and your guests. Yes delicious food is important but people will remember your dance far more than your plate of food and chances are so will you.

And yes, we know you’re asking yourself whether you have the time, whether you will be any good or whether it’s really necessary – times have changed and wedding dances are certainly necessary.

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Venue Hire

We hire out our studio for Celebrations, Choreographers, Examiners, Production Houses and even Dance Trainers who simply want the space to teach their students.

Another aspect that is great is that if you are celebrating your birthday, we help you become the entertainment. For children we choreograph for them and their friends (they mainly want hip hop) and then for adults, one of our professionals perform with you.

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One of the most powerful things about entertainment is that it unequivocally engages an audience. Entertainment at your corporate event, such as teambuilding, launches or year-end functions, can be a very powerful tool to not only amuse, but captivate those in your organisation in a unique manner.

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