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You don’t go to the sports field without the correct gear. You don’t go to swim without your swimming costumes (in most cases.) This should apply to your dancing, whether for social or competitive purposes.

Why buy dance shoes? Dance shoes are lightweight, with non-slip suede soles and a metal shaft in the middle for support. These are your secret weapons which help you execute your footwork with greater ease and more precision. And let’s be honest, when you’re dancing, you want to be as comfortable as possible and your dance shoes will ensure that you are just that.

Dance Culture Studios are distributors of the following dance shoes.

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Dance Well

Pop into our in studio shoe boutique and try on a locally manufactured a pair of shoes – shoes at your “toe tips” for you to try on and purchase.

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HNS Salsa

Shoes by dancers for dancers. With a variety of modern styles and for great value, HNS shoes have something for everyone.

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This is the originator of Ballroom and Latin dance shoes. For over 5 generations, Superdance has created designs and quality in Ballroom and Latin wear that are unparalleled. Browse through our catalogue and we will arrange a consult with our supplier.


Selecting ladies Ballroom and Latin Shoes:

  • A snug fit is important (not toe-cinching, we said snug).
  • Always try your shoes on first, walk with them – they should be snug but comfortable and functional.
  • For your Latin shoe, ladies ensure that you toe is as close to the front as possible.

Selecting gentlemen’s Ballroom and Latin Shoes:

  • Men’s dance shoes are typically black-lace up Oxford’s with a standard flat heel for Ballroom and 1 to 2 inch heels for Latin.
  • Your shoes should be snug and not too tight at all.

Some tips

  • Ladies, wear heel tips to preserve your heels.
  • Do not walk outside with your shoes.
  • Use a shoe brush for the soles of your shoes – they clean your shoes and increase the friction of the sole.
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