Welcome to Dance Culture

by Jaco Theron

IMG_1608We don’t sell dance lessons. We create a dream…a fantasy. With Dance Culture Studios,  life does not need to be as mundane as societies seem to be nowadays.  We want to fill your lives with fun, passion and purpose. To remind you that you are more than where you are now. You have a reason for being on this earth. Your existence matters. It may not be a dance super star but movement and music (dance) has the ability to reignite that spark that that gives you zest for life. We want to fire you up so that when you face your days, you do so with your head held high; your eyes showing total focus; a spring in your step and a determination. We don’t just teach dancing. We teach people. And it’s you, the clients of DCS, OUR PEOPLE, who will be with us as we fulfill our mission. Welcome to Dance Culture.

Our founder, Quintus Jansen has appeared in 3 seasons of Strictly Come Dancing along with celebrity partners, Candice Moodley, Brenda Nxoli and Khanyi Mbau. We are thrilled to announce that one of our resident coaches, Devon Snell is appearing on the current season with actress and singer Karlien Van Jaarsveld. Give them your support by watching Strictly every Friday Evening at 19:30 and VOTING for couple #8

Jaco TheronWelcome to Dance Culture